A near zero energy, utilizing only off grid power, ecologically sustainable second home project. A two hours from Mumbai get away space for down to earth living .A second home project which embodies the cultural and natural heritage of the locality, which least impacts the environment, A project that, uses local resources - the natural local materials, the local labour and technology for the construction. Sustaining the project will be through responsible involvement of the local community, incorporating zero budget farming to produce organically maintained edible garden.

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When the dust, grime and the hectic city life gets to you, nothing rejuvenates better than a well-deserved weekend break. And, what could be better than spending the weekend relaxing in your own vacation home that’s a short drive from the city? New Age Realfin Pvt. Ltd. brings you Moksha - a sylvan retreat set amongst the hills of Karjat, that has the perfect ingredients to make your weekends as relaxing as they are memorable.
Moksha is conceptualized as a weekend getaway destination for the discerning few, who find solace in nature’s lap. Which is why, we’ve built the club in a way to give you an authentic “back-to-nature” experience. With a minimal use of concrete and artificial materials, Moksha is as environment-friendly as it is unique. Our unique mud huts and wooden cottages, for instance, give you an experience that you’ve never had before, while being gentle on the ecosystem around. The property stands on a 7-acre development nestled amidst lush greenery and is surrounded by mountains and streams on all sides.